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The Platform Reform Campaign is a coalition of conservative voters and delegates from around the country focused on reforming the national Republican Party platform on marriage to remove anti-gay portions and replace it with respectful and welcoming language that more fully reflects conservative principles such as limited government, strong families and freedom.

2016 Republican Party Platform Plank on Marriage and Family (proposed)

We believe that marriage matters both as a religious institution and as a fundamental, personal freedom. Because marriage—rooted in love and lifelong commitment—is one of the foundations of civil society, as marriage thrives, so our nation thrives.

We believe that the health of marriage nationwide directly affects the social and economic well-being of individuals and families, and that undermining families leads to more government costs and more government control over the lives of its citizens. Therefore, we believe in encouraging the strength and stability of all families.

We recognize that there are diverse and sincerely held views on civil marriage within the Party, and that support for allowing same-sex couples the freedom to marry has grown substantially in our own Party. Given this journey that so many Americans, including Republicans, are on, we encourage and welcome a thoughtful conversation among Republicans about the meaning and importance of marriage, and commit our Party to respect for all families and fairness and freedom for all Americans.

The sentiment within the Republican Party has shifted.

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