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Charlotte News & Observer: Pro-LGBTQ Republican group launches ‘conservatives against HB2’ website

By Colin Campbell

A national conservative organization that backs LGBTQ rights is entering the debate over North Carolina’s House Bill 2 with a new website,

American Unity Fund was started by billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer in 2012 and encourages Republicans to support same-sex marriage and other LGBTQ causes.

The group’s House Bill 2 website uses the phrase “small town, not small minded” and asks conservatives who oppose the new law to send a form letter to lawmakers.

“Please listen to your constituents and the state’s business leaders who say HB2 must be repealed before it causes further harm to North Carolina’s economy and reputation and more suffering for our LGBTQ family members, friends, coworkers and neighbors,” the form letter says.

The website includes criticism of House Bill 2 that’s designed to resonate more with conservative voters, making the case that it “promotes state government overreach” and “hurts North Carolina business.”

American Unity Fund tweeted Tuesday that it “thanks @PatMcCroryNC for fixing some of #HB2’s damage” but still wants the legislature to fully repeal the law.

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