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Platform Reform – new AUF campaign continuing efforts to engage Republicans on removal of anti-gay marriage language from GOP Platform

American Unity Fund, featured in a new National Journal article, is expanding the campaign to reform the national GOP Platform to remove anti-gay marriage language.

AUF will be continuing the effort started by Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, an organization under the Freedom to Marry, which will shut its doors after the Supreme Court ruling in June that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. The new organization, Platform Reform, will expand the campaign to all 50 states from early primary and caucus states.

“This is an important campaign,” said Tyler Deaton, American Unity Fund’s senior adviser. “We want to make sure it has a home and that it is able to access the broader resources of American Unity Fund to make sure this effort is well resourced and has the support it needs.”

Jerri Ann Henry, campaign manager for Young Conservatives will remain at the helm for Platform Reform, stating that conservative values are not aligned with the current GOP Platform.

“Even before the Supreme Court ruling, the platform was out of line with many conservatives/way of thinking, so now leaving it the way it was is even more backward-looking.”

The article concludes by stating that: “Henry and Deaton say the cam­paign will tar­get the most in­flu­en­tial Re­pub­lic­an lead­ers in each state, in­clud­ing both na­tion­al party com­mit­tee mem­bers and the state party chair. Those of­ficers help se­lect the com­mit­tee that will write the party’s plat­form along with the GOP pres­id­en­tial nom­in­ee.”

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