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CNN Opinion: How Trump can keep his promise to LGBTQ Americans

May 8, 2017

Originally published on, Wed May 3, 2017 By Margaret Hoover and Tyler Deaton Many of us believed, with good reason at the time, that President Donald Trump might be a new kind of Republican when it came to LGBTQ issues. As a candidate, he became the first GOP nominee to promise from the convention […]

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The Hill: Caitlyn Jenner Attends Donald Trump’s Inauguration

January 18, 2017

Caitlyn Jenner to attend Trump inauguration Originally published in The Hill Jan. 18, 2017. Transgender reality television star Caitlyn Jenner will attend President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration this Friday, according to a new report. Jenner is going to the event as a guest of the American Unity Fund, a conservative LGBTQ rights advocacy organization, People magazine reported Wednesday. “Caitlyn […]

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AUF in the News: RNC and Big Tent Brunch

July 26, 2016

American Unity Fund made an unforgettable impression on the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Check out the news coverage below for highlights: Politico, Sarah Wheaton Gay Republicans want more from Trump The Hill, Megan R. Wilson Pro-LGBTQ Push Underscores GOP Convention Wall Street Journal, Beth Reinhard Gay Republicans See Progress, Setbacks in Party’s Stance on […]

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Charlotte Observer: There’s nothing conservative about HB2

July 8, 2016

From Tyler Deaton, Senior Advisor of American Unity Fund, a conservative LGBTQ advocacy group: Last Friday, North Carolina’s General Assembly adjourned without addressing the most egregious aspects of HB2. The law, which allows for state-sanctioned discrimination against transgender individuals who live in or visit the state and prohibits local protections for LGBTQ North Carolinians, was […]

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Politico: In Trump, pro-gay rights Republicans see a new hope

June 15, 2016

By Kyle Cheney Republican gay rights advocates, long sidelined by the party’s socially conservative core, suddenly see an opening to move the GOP away from its hardline opposition to same-sex marriage. And they think Donald Trump is the candidate to help them do it. Trump buoyed Republican LGBTQ activists with his defense of the gay […]

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Politico: Conservatives draw battle plans for convention fight

May 10, 2016

By Alex Isenstadt Conservatives, increasingly distressed that their agenda is in peril, are preparing an aggressive push at the party convention to preserve their control over the GOP’s official platform. With some of the GOP’s biggest donors financing a multimillion-dollar campaign to soften the party’s stringent posture on social issues, and with Donald Trump deviating […]

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Charlotte Observer: Anti-HB2 videos try to humanize issue

May 2, 2016

By Craig Jarvis Anti-HB2 forces have begun lobbing videos online as the next phase of their effort to sway public sentiment against the anti-discrimination law. One of the most recent focuses on Zeke Christopoulos, a transgender man who lives in Asheville, talking about his concerns over having to use a women’s restroom although he looks […]

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Washington Blade: New ad seeks to allay concerns about trans bathroom use

By Chris Johnson Amid concerns LGBTQ groups aren’t doing to confront widely discredited anti-trans “bathroom predator” myths, a new ad against North Carolina’s recently enacted anti-LGBTQ law was launched Monday seeking to allay concerns about transgender people using the restroom. The ad features Zeke Christopoulos, a transgender resident of Asheville, N.C., who observes in the […]

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Charlotte News & Observer: Pro-LGBTQ Republican group launches ‘conservatives against HB2’ website

April 13, 2016

By Colin Campbell A national conservative organization that backs LGBTQ rights is entering the debate over North Carolina’s House Bill 2 with a new website, American Unity Fund was started by billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer in 2012 and encourages Republicans to support same-sex marriage and other LGBTQ causes. The group’s House Bill […]

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Knoxville News Sentinel: Bill dictating restroom use is not conservative

April 9, 2016

By Tyler Deaton As Republicans, we know that the best government is a limited government. We expect our elected leaders to pass legislation that is fiscally sound and does not intrude on our rights or liberties. Unfortunately, not all lawmakers agree with these principles. Right now, lawmakers in Nashville are trying to pass legislation that […]

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