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RELEASE: New Campaign Calls on Republican Party of Virginia Leaders to Help Reform National Platform

Contact: Jerri Ann Henry, Campaign Manager
(202) 660-2831

December 11, 2015


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Preceding the Republican Party of Virginia Advance at the Omni Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia this weekend, Platform Reform Campaign Manager Jerri Ann Henry, offers the following comments:

“As Virginia Republicans start the process of selecting delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention, I hope they will encourage their colleagues to adopt a reformed platform that reflects the shifted sentiment on marriage within the Republican Party.”

“The Platform Reform campaign’s suggested 2016 Republican Party plank on marriage and family is consistent with the conservative values of limited government, individual freedom, love, family, and vibrant civic life. These values have brought new voters and energy to the state GOP and are compatible with the Republican Party’s strong commitment to the principle of religious liberty.”

“We look forwarding to training, recruiting, and electing delegates who will adopt a Republican Platform in 2016 that is supportive of the freedom to marry and reflects the diverse and sincerely held views on marriage within the Party.”

To learn more about the launch of our campaign and Platform Reform’s suggested 2016 Republican Party Platform Statement on Marriage and Family, click here.


The Platform Reform campaign is a growing nationwide center-right coalition recruiting and urging delegates to the 2016 RNC Convention to reform the national Republican Party platform on marriage.

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