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American Unity Fund is engaging courageous, pro-freedom Republicans in the states as we work to advance LGBTQ freedom, mobilizing grassroots support among conservatives, and ensuring advocacy campaigns are authentically bipartisan.

Despite the historic Supreme Court decision affirming the freedom to marry nationwide, LGBTQ Americans still aren’t fully protected from discrimination in 32 states.

LGBTQ Americans lack full protection from discrimination in 32 states.


Our work to amplify the voices of pro-freedom Republicans has had impressive results in state after state. Republicans had a decisive influence on same-sex marriage victories in New Hampshire, Minnesota, Rhode Island, and Delaware. In New York, the freedom to marry passed in a Republican-controlled legislative body for the first time. These thoughtful public servants have taken their stand on the right side of history. In total, more than 234 Republican lawmakers across the country have stood out for freedom.

Without these historic, bipartisan efforts in the states, the freedom to marry would have never gained enough traction to succeed at the Supreme Court.

Advocates have been successful advancing nondiscrimination legislation in Republican-controlled legislative chambers in states like Utah, and Republican involvement will continue to be crucial as we work to advance nondiscrimination protections across the country.


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